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Legitimate + Safe Online Sportsbooks

With the accessibility of the Internet today, there is room for more and more sites to be at the fingertips of people all over the world, covering a variety of industries. The online sports betting industry is certainly included in this. Continually expanding, betting sports online has never been faster, easier, and open to more people than it is today. But for bettors in the United States, to legally bet online they will have to seek out sportsbooks based outside of the U.S.

Offshore sportsbooks and their legitimacy in the eyes of the American bettors is the main topic discussed on this page. To begin with, we ask a several different questions concerning this idea, which include the topics of sports betting laws, regulation of offshore sports betting sites, and the reputation of the offshore sportsbook industry. All are very important when painting a well-rounded picture of a legit industry.

But before we get into all that, let's take a look at some real examples of betting sites that accept players from the United States. The legit + legal sports betting websites shown within are nothing short of great when it comes to the American sports bettors, whether through the betting odds, services offered, or their reputation for being amongst the fairest online bookmakers.

Recommended Sportsbooks That Are Legit

Bovada Sportsbook

RATED: 5 Star Review

Bovada Sportsbook will always be our first online sports betting site that we want to talk about with bettors from the United States. It can be labeled as one of the most legit betting sites in the world, frequently cited and referenced for the odds that they form for events. Just check out ESPN for segments discussing betting odds, and you will recognize the name Bovada. That's got to mean something, and in this case it means legitimacy.

From a betting odds perspective, American players will be able to bet on leagues all across the U.S. and the world. Specializing in sports like football, baseball, basketball and many others, Bovada features hundreds of lines to check and bet legally, and legitimately.

BetOnline Sportsbook

RATED: 5 Star Review

Years of experience and operation mean that BetOnline Sportsbook is obviously doing something right. This is a sportsbook that is based out of Panama, with the primary goal of providing bettors in all 50 states in the U.S. the chance to place legal bets on many sports. BetOnline allows players in every state to create an account with them.

BetOnline can be cited for numerous awards, and ranks in the highest tier of the Offshore Gaming Association, where they have received many awards for their service. BetOnline is highly regulated by OSGA and other industry regulators, ensuring that the highest quality of service is brought to their account holders.

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Legitimacy + Safety Of Betting Sports Online

Wagering on sports online is covered under a few different betting laws in the United States. The two laws concerning it are the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, and the Federal Wire Act.

But the interesting thing about these two laws is that their target is the same. And no, it's not the American sports bettor. The target of these laws is the gambling business in charge of the site operation of a gambling website. Both the UIGEA and the Wire Act prevents betting businesses from utilizing resources or preventing transactions specific to placing a bet or wager. What these laws do not do is ban the act of placing a bet online on sports. This is important because the next sections of this page piggyback off this notion, which explains exactly why offshore sports betting sites are legal.

Can Offshore Sports Betting Sites Be Trusted?

Knowing what the betting laws in the U.S. say, we can now analyze why exactly offshore betting sites are legit for bettors to sign up for and place real-money bets at. First and foremost, online sportsbooks are legal for American players, and many offshore betting sites choose to accept them. In fact in many cases, USA bettors are the primary demographic that online sportsbooks will market to because of the fact that they understand the demand for sports betting is simply not being met.

But not only are online sportsbooks accepting USA bettors legal, they are very legit; at least the ones that you will read about on this page and throughout this site. Some of the top-rated sportsbooks in the entire world cater to bettors from the U.S. Whether through licensing, regulation, customer feedback, promotion through media outlets, or industry awards, there are numerous ways to qualify legitimacy.

What prospective bettors should know is that there are many legit sports betting sites out there, offering great betting lines, fair payouts, easy sportsbook deposit options, and fast sportsbook payouts. There are reputable betting sites that come with the complete confidence of the betting industry and reviewers of sportsbooks like the ones on this site.

Why You Won't Get In Trouble w/ Legit Sportsbooks

Betting at an offshore sportsbook is not shady, nor is it bending the law when doing so as long as the user adheres to required betting ages established by local governments + the betting sites themselves. Offshore sportsbooks gives bettors a great opportunity to place their bets in an atmosphere that provides safety and presents a professional image like that of the large casinos in Vegas that have sports betting operations like the Bellagio or Caesars Palace.

You can learn more about the legality of online sports gambling in the U.S. by clicking here.

In reality, sports betting should not be thought of as illegal in the United States, but rather as being merely limited. There are only certain states that offer land-based sports wagering, but the world of online sports betting has opened those doors exponentially by allowing those outside of Nevada + Delaware to make wagers online... this is why finding legit betting sites is extremely important.