Legal Sports Betting Deposits

Legal Sportsbook Deposits + Funding Methods

One of the most important parts of an online sportsbook that bettors will have to go through is the means to fund the account that they have created. If a bettor wants to wager and play for real money, then depositing into that account will be required. The nice thing about sportsbook deposit methods is that sites like to offer several different choices to go about it. This gives bettors the chance to make the selection that best suits them. There will be limitations on what types of deposits can be made but in general, an online sports betting site wants to provide a range of different opportunities to do so.

Deposit options that bettors can expect to come across are discussed on this page, which will provide insight and information about the depositing process. You should know going in that the specific choices and the deposit limits for each sportsbook will be following the guidelines set down by that sportsbook itself. The deposit methods that are mentioned on are primarily focused on bettors that live in the U.S. and at online sports betting sites where American bettors are accepted.

Legal Sports Betting Deposit Methods For 2022

Read about deposit methods and different funding options that you will see available at various online sports betting sites. While the information specific to a sportsbook will be available on the site, it's important to have the general information going in so that you are prepared to pick as funding option.

Credit Card - The nice thing about a credit card deposit option is the fact that most everyone has one these days. Not all credit cards are accepted at an online sportsbook, but several Major brands are, highlighted by Visa and American Express. Of the two, Visa is seen just about everywhere, with American Express not too far behind. Absent is MasterCard, but it can sometimes be found and used for account holders at a site.

Wire Transfers - Behind a credit card, the wire transfer option is very popular. At online sportsbooks accepting American players, a Western Union transfer and a MoneyGram are often seen. Either of these two methods is very similar in nature, but can have different funding limits and timeframes. This will all be detailed on the site you are checking out though if these options are there.

Money Orders/Cashier's Checks - A check or money order can be sent to many online sportsbooks. It's filled out just as if any other money order or cashier's check would be sent to make a payment. The only difference here is that it's a deposit into a sportsbook account. The deposit limits for these could potentially be on the higher side, so you will want to check those parameters.

EZVoucher - A voucher system online can be done to fund a sportsbook account. Vouchers are bought at sites, and then transferred over with a pin number that has the funding amount on it. If a sportsbook accepts a specific voucher like an EZVoucher, this makes the purchase and deposit method very simple.

E-Wallets - Electronic wallet options are more geared towards international players, but they are popular enough that the need to be mentioned. E-wallets make the transfer of funds very quick and safe between the account with them and the sportsbook. They act as payment mediums, with the account number of the e-wallet the only required information from a financial standpoint.

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Is It Legal To Bet Real Money At Online Sportsbooks If You Live In The U.S.?

Yes, it's a legal betting option to lay down real money on a wager if you live in the U.S. and are of legal age to place a bet in your state. Sites which are legally operating sportsbooks will be based out of the U.S. because of the federal laws in place which prohibit them. These sportsbooks are very popular though, and try to cater to U.S. bettors through both the betting odds offered and of course the means to fund an account.

How This Information Is Going To Help You?

With the information on deposit options at your disposal, you can go to a sportsbook online and know what to expect going in. Bettors from the United States can deposit money legally into an online sportsbook account and bet. And as you can see, the methods in which they can be done are not obscure, they are straightforward and common methods used for any type of online monetary transaction.

Much of the same can be said about sports betting site payouts as well, but they could end up being more important than funding sportsbook accounts. Just like anything, you need to have an exit plan and we can help you with that to because if you are able to put funds into your account easily, you should be allowed to get them out with the same ease. We help you with that!